Jim & ASA unity

From: MikeSatterlee@cs.com
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 12:50:57 EDT

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    Hi Jim,

    Concerning the ASA you wrote: All it takes is one web site that has the truth
    about Genesis. Sadly, if the ASA is inactive ...

    The ASA is a "big tent." They treat everyone's different ideas with respect,
    which I believe is commendable. After all, who can say with absolute
    certainty what "the truth about Genesis" really is? (Though I think they
    could take a very strong stand against the YEC movement.) For instance, there
    are many different ways of understanding the days of Genesis 1, even among
    old earth creationists. Some of us think the days should be understood as
    overlapping. Some don't. Some think they should be understood as teaching
    evolution. Some don't. Some believe God's creation of preadamic men is
    referred to on the seventh day. Some don't.

    It seems to me that the ASA is, and wants to continue to be, a fairly loosely
    knit organization of people who have only two things in common. They all call
    themselves Christians. And they all have some interest in science. I think
    that's about as much "unity" as the ASA will ever demand of its members. I
    think if you are hoping for more you will be disappointed. For if the ASA
    took a firm stand on things like overlapping creation days, theistic
    evolution, preadamic men, the date of Adam's creation, the date of the flood,
    and how the chronological information in the Genesis genealogies should be
    understood they would probably lose most of its members. For almost every ASA
    member has their own unique combination of views on these subject matters.

    I think you are expecting the ASA to be something it cannot be and to do
    something it cannot do. Just my opinion. For what it's worth.


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