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From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 11:08:43 EDT

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    At 05:39 AM 08/05/02 -0700, Glenn Morton wrote:

    > For every good, there is always a bad. We will never find a
    >totally good technology and if we only accept 100% untainted technology, we
    >would still be back in the stone age. And by the way, stone tools can be
    >used to provide food for one's family or be used to kill your neighbor.
       I fully agree. That is why I have advocated a Christian Philosophy. My
    experience is that some people laugh about that, but it is usually since
    they have a rather restricted view of philosophy. I believe, that God
    reigns everywhere, and that God tells us that everything on earth is
    condemned, because of man's sin. But, also that we believe in a new earth
    coming, when Christ returns, where everything will be re-newed.
    Believing that, it means that there is nothing here on earth that is not
    affected by human sin, nor is there anything that will not be new on the
    new earth.
    The above statements mean however, that we have to develop a way of looking
    at all things, a philosophy, which takes these facts into account. Abraham
    Kuyper said that around 1900, and one of his pupils, Vollenhoven, had in
    1918 (or was it 1916?) as subject for his doctoral thesis in Theology: (I
    translate) "The Philosophy of Mathematics from a Theistic Point of
    View." In the thirties he wrote a small book (again in Dutch) "The
    Necessity of a Christian Logic." He and his brother-in-law Dooyeweerd
    spent their lives in developing such a Philosophy. I do not claim that
    their work is now finished. Many people are still working at it, and they
    do not always agree.

    I mention those things, since we are Christians in our scientific work as
    well. As Glenn says good tools may be used for bad actions. However,
    "gene" research is more than just finding new tools. The methods used may
    have ethical (thus subject to Christian norms) sides as well. Even, more,
    there are some actions which may be totally sinful, when stem-cells are
    "harvested." Technics is always about something, and toward a certain
    end. That end is subject to laws, human laws, creational laws, and divine
    laws. Etc. Dooyeweerd wrote a four volume work on that.

    Enough for now. We have a very heavy thunderstorm here, and I want to


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