Re: Dating flood by Bible chronology vs. YEC

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 14:34:45 EDT

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    Dick writes

    >Now you have the MT in disagreement with the SP, the LXX,

    But in agreement with the NASB. To be fair, Dick, you need
    to tell us why the NASB folks are wrong. Maybe you were
    overconfident that you found the flood. And tried to fit
    the Bible into your flood data.

    >New Testament author, Luke,

    Mike earlier mentioned he had questions about Luke's "insertion
    of Cainan." I don't remember that discussion proceeding.

    >and all the historians,

    Mike mentioned the sudden declines in civilization around 2300 BC.
    How do you answer this?


    For us lay folks, what's a Sumerologist and why is he or she
    appearing on the ASA list :).

    >and archaeologists, none of whom place the flood as recent as 2350 BC.

    I remember your archaelogists describing the flood as a relatively
    weak event. Could someone be wrong?


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