Re: GEN 1-11: Beyond the concordist debate

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 18:19:38 EDT

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    At 07:16 PM 07/05/02 -0700, D. F. Siemens, Jr. wrote:

    >On Tue, 07 May 2002 16:41:53 -0400 Jan de Koning <>
    > >
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    > > >Though I am not Reformed, I respect the statements of the
    > > Westminster
    > > >Confession and Shorter Catechism (haven't seen the larger version
    > > yet).
    > > >They are very clear that the Scripture is the infallible basis for
    > > faith
    > > >and practice, not anything else. This means that I do not disagree
    > > with
    > > >all your points. But I was forced by the scientific evidence to
    > > abandon
    > > >YEC, and by the scriptural evidence to abandon OEC
    > >
    > > Meaning? That you lost your faith in salvation through the blood of
    > > the
    > > Lamb, our Lord Jesus Christ? If that is so we have to keep talking,
    > > but
    > > talking without knowing the exact arguments is difficult.
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    > > Jan
    > >
    >What is it that I have written that brought this response? That I'm not
    >Christian Reformed? I said I was convinced by "the scriptural evidence."
    >How does the Bible make me lose my faith in the only basis for hope that
    >it offers? Or is OEC necessary to salvation? Or must one belong to some
    >Reformed body, preferably Christian Reformed, but possibly RCA or one of
    >the Presbyterian groups (the right one, of course), to be saved?
    >I did not respond to your points in detail because I felt that there was
    >no reason to expound matters that had been repeated several times by you
    >and others. Your truth (and myth) without redefinition sounds to much
    >like Humpty Dumpty semantics for me to want to get involved.

    It only meant that I don't understand you. I don't particularly care that
    you are not Christian Reformed, but your reply left me confused. Not a
    Young Earth creation, not an Old Earth creation? My truth? How is that
    Humpty Dumpty?

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