RE: The Problem of Liberal Theology

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Date: Thu May 09 2002 - 00:19:41 EDT

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    Hi Shuan,

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    > I think there is a difference between proving that Scripture is
    >historically accurate and proving that Scripture COULD be accurate.

    I agree with this completely.

    But one of the problems is that when one tries to prove it COULD be
    accurate, everyone chides that person for trying to PROVE it or chides them
    for wanting to have historical proof, or chides them for having a YEC
    mindset, or chides them for not seeing it for the myths that it is, or
    chides them for not understanding that the true message has to do with a
    proclamation that there is only one God as opposed to the polytheistic
    religions of the day or they chide them for not seeing that it is a poem or
    they chide them for...... on and on and on til death do us part.


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