Re: Discussion of other topics (was: Please show respect)

Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 14:36:35 EDT

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    You referred to the discussion among some here recently of Daniel's "70
    Weeks" prophecy as an example of a discussion of a topic which contained
    "zero science content."

    Actually, that discussion arose because someone mentioned it as an example of
    how some aspects of Bible chronology relating to the dating of things like
    the flood and Adam's creation may be misunderstood. They pointed out that to
    make sense Daniel's "weeks" must be understood as weeks (sevens) of years.
    With that in mind, it was suggested that possibly other ways in which the
    Bible refers to time may be different than a cursory reading of the text
    might seem to indicate.

    Since the subject of the "70 weeks" had been raised, I informed the one who
    raised it and anyone else who may be interested that I had recently
    discovered some very interesting historical information on the subject matter
    and that if they wished to discuss it with me they could contact me off the
    list. Some did. And "off the list" is where most of the discussion of that
    subject matter took place.

    I think such occasional spill over of our discussions here into non-science
    related topics is to be expected and is, to some extent, unavoidable.


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