Re: Ratbots, human slavery and paranoiacs

Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 11:08:10 EDT

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    Jan Dekoning wrote:

    > So, there is a subject. How do you do the research to relieve the
    > suffering of Parkinson patients, and at the same time prevent that actions
    > of rats (later maybe people) are controlled. I believe that as scientists
    > we must be aware of the dangers, help each other when someone is forced to
    > do something against his conscience, and make sure that the power in
    > this type of research is not in the hand of companies, who are not
    > answerable to anyone about what they are doing. Must the patent-laws be
    > changed?

    It is an excellent example of how a scientist's inventions
    and ideas can be used for evil as well as good. It seems
    reasonable to develop technologies that can help the blind
    to see, the deaf to hear, the lame to walk, etc. You could
    have animals sniff out explosives, and locate victims of
    disasters etc. At the same time, those exact same technologies
    could most certainly be used for mind control. You could
    bump off your enemies by making them commit crimes that bump
    off other enemies of yours. Great stuff for lots of science
    fiction stories.

    This is actually where I think the Christ centered way of
    life becomes the litmus test of living in the modern world.
    I cannot see how an intellectualized atheistic ethics can
    really contend with the moral depravity that the human mind
    can sink to when confronted with the day to day chipping away
    of ethical standards that have happened numerous times in
    the 20th century. Why should I be concerned about someone
    else's behind unless Christ and his message is ever before
    me? It is so easy to think "I have a family to feed", but
    no, Christ calls out and say "what are you doing here?".
    To be a Christian, a disciple of Christ, is to have faith
    that we are accountable to Him. What then would we have
    to say if we fail Him.

    It is here also the YEC folk with their rhetoric have
    a point: evolution as evolution simply proceeds from
    where it is, and you cannot say ultimately what is
    actually "good" or "evil". Survival at some level is
    one criteria, but life may very well go on with 99%
    of the population under mind control and humanity may
    even flourish for all we know. (We certainly cannot
    prove it _will_ perish. In fact, we cannot with
    100% certitude claim that humanity will survive by
    following Christ either.) What we are trusting is
    that God does hold us accountable to higher standards.
    It is based solely on faith, but I cannot see anything
    that holds up better than faith in a case like this.

    That is why I still think a Christ centered religion
    is meaningful for the modern man and particularly for
    the modern scientist.

    by Grace alone we proceed,

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