Re: The Problem of Liberal Theology

From: Graham Morbey (
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 10:31:55 EDT

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    You have referred to a sharp distinction between "law" and "gospel". This
    two-realm theory seems to be a sort of criterion for answering some
    important issues in theology and life. I would find it helpful if you
    would give us some biblical exegesis supporting such a thesis.

            Some questions:

            1. How is the two-realm theory related to christology/creation?
            2. Is law (as used in the theory) neutral?
            3. The biblical story of creation, fall and redemption seems to me
            to suggest that sin and salvation holds for the whole cosmos in
            its relation to the Trinitarian God. It may be that on this view
            gospel needs to redeem law which might break the Lutheran

    I am agreeing with you, George, in wanting to call Christians to a fuller
    faithful understanding of "science" and I think the sacraments are
    integral and primary to moving forward on this understanding.

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