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Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 02:20:04 EDT

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    I am probably guilty of not reading the listserv description
    carefully enough before signing on, but I honestly thought this was a
    science AND faith forum. But in the light of Allan's comments, it
    appears that zero-science content messages are inappropriate but NOT
    zero-religion content messages. This has been a frustration of mine
    that in so many of my discussions with science-religion folks, it
    appears that science is given greater weight than religion. So on
    this list, you gotta have science in your posts to be acceptable, but
    you don't have to have religion. I have seen people complain about
    discussions on theological issues, but have yet to see anyone
    complain about discussions on genetics, or information theory and
    such. So, is this supposed to be a forum that allows for some
    religion, and never just religion alone although science alone is
    fine ?


    Allan Wrote:
    I would object. Not to the non-Genesis 1-11 part; I'd love to see some of
    the other science/faith issues that others like Terry have mentioned. Our
    week with Francis Collins was a welcome respite in that regard. Bioethics,
    environmental stewardship, "being a Christian in science" ... there's plenty
    of other important things to discuss within the ASA's science/faith mission.

    But the ASA, and by extension this listserv, is for science/faith discussion.
       The amount of traffic these days is already too high to follow for those of
    us with full-time jobs. The last thing we need is for additional discussions
    on things with zero science content, like debating the merits of the
    Christian Science religion or the King James Bible or the interpretation of
    Daniel's 70 weeks. Of course there are some things that have no science
    content in themselves that still become important in our science/faith
    discussions, like approaches to Scripture (and maybe even Sacraments, if one
    relates them to science/faith issues as George did). But if we veer toward
    becoming a general Christian discussion group rather than sticking to the
    ASA's mission, this group will lose its value for me and I suspect many
    others. The signal-to-noise ratio has only barely returned to the edge of
    tolerability with Terry's moderation -- I'd strongly urge that cans of worms
    outside the mission of the ASA be left unopened here.

    I would even hope that, if somebody sent a message trying to start a general
    discussion on, for example, the merits of dispensationalism or whether you
    can lose your salvation, the moderator would reject it for the sake of
    keeping us in the ballpark of the purpose of the list.

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    "Any opinions expressed here are mine, and should not be
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