Re: Ratbots, human slavery and paranoiacs

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 20:48:19 EDT

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    At 08:16 PM 07/05/02 -0400, Walter Hicks wrote:
    >A very good subject indeed -- since it involves both modern science
    >capabilities and Christian ethics.
    >Much of the response, I think, may depend upon "Conservative" or
    >"Liberal" values -- rather than upon "Christian ethics" I can see
    >"conservatives" as agreeing for more testing to help humans in medical
    >terms. I can also see "liberals" as arguing for sanctity of life in even
    >laboratory animals.
    >My guess is that it is rather ambiguous with respect to Christian values
    >--- More "political" than moral. I wonder how others look upon this?

    I don't quite agree with you, but I will not have time to reply until day
    after tomorrow.

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