Re: 2900 BC vs. 2350 BC and Bible chronology

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    One of the web sites connected to a homepage for Baillie. It looked
    like he had credible publications in the radiocarbon/dendrochronology
    line, but perhaps not too strong when it came to popularizing his
    work and making connections to history.
    The ca. 1624BC tree ring anomaly corresponds to the Thera eruption in
    the Mediterranean, which certainly disrupted the Minoan civilization,
    centered in the area.
    I do not know of a comparable eruption in the 6th century AD, but ice
    core data should provide evidence if there was one.
    One of the major Indonesian volcanos caused enough global cooling and
    loss of light in the 1810's to cause crop failures in the US and
    Europe ("the year without a summer", "eighteen hundred and froze to
    death", etc.). However, I don't think anything could be considered a
    collapsed civilization from that time.

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