Re: GEN 1-11: Beyond the concordist debate

From: Keith B Miller (
Date: Tue May 07 2002 - 10:47:25 EDT

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    >I have to concur with Graham from a philosophical viewpoint. He is
    >popular, not scholarly. A number of years ago I was asked to teach a
    >Sunday school course with one of Schaffer's books as the text. I turned
    >it down because his "philosophy" begins where a legitimate study should
    >end. But, because he tells evangelicals what they wanted to hear, I knew
    >that such a suggestion would produce heat rather than light in the group,
    >for he was their champion. I have noted that one becomes a best-selling
    >author by not making people really think. Telling them what they want to
    >hear is, however, very effective.

    Dave, could you elaborate on this? In what way does Shaeffer begin at the end?


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