Re: Please show respect (was GEN 1-11: Beyond the concordist debate)

Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 23:24:01 EDT

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    Terry wrote,

    << Some in the ASA, perhaps the majority,
      want us to come out and say that yes, the earth is old, and this
      conclusion is consistent with both the Bible and science and that the
      young-earth creationists are wrong on this issue. Now I happen to
      agree with this conclusion, but I'm not sure that we want to
      "exclude" young-earthers from the ASA by taking such a strong stand.
      Our Statement of Faith claims etc. >>

    The die has already been cast. The YEC's left the ASA years ago to found
    their own organizations, which represent their opinions very well. Between
    Answers in Genesis and the Creation Research Society, they have $7,000,000/
    year to promote their views. They are still welcome to join the ASA and
    discuss all they want to; but, if the ASA does not take an open, indeed
    aggressive stand against the scientific and biblical obscurantism and
    deception that comes from the YEC side and now dominates the thinking of
    conservative Christianity, who will? We know better; so we have the


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