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From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 20:55:02 EDT

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    At 03:58 PM 06/05/02 -0600, Burgy wrote:
    >Jan wrote: "I probably have said this before. I accept all people who
    >believe the infallibility of the Bible as Christian brothers and sisters,
    >who depend for their salvation on Christ's death."
    >Do you accept me too? I could not subscribe to the above (narrow)

    Depends. Also, my definition may not be perfectly clear. "Infallibility"
    does not mean that I accept every interpretation, nor will I hold everyone
    to my interpretation. As a matter of fact, according to some on this list,
    I don't believe in the "infallibility" of the bible. And though I tried to
    explain, they don't believe me. Reading is often interpreting. I do very
    strongly believe, that God created, and since God created there is no
    contradiction between what we read in science, in nature etc. and the
    Bible. Consequently, I reject what some people call the "literal reading
    of Gen.1 - 11" since it contradicts what God tells us in nature, and
    science. Nature and what we study in science is also created by God. God
    is not trying to fool us, so we must do a lot of studying. It does not
    take away from my contention, that there must be a solution, which we
    probably will not know until we live on the New World, after Christ returned.
    There are some provisos though. There have been errors in copying, and
    translations are not always dependable. Translations (and to a lesser
    degree copying) are very much influenced by what we think it ought to
    say. Thaat is already so in translating from a modern language into
    another, but much more from an ancient language into a modern
    one. Personally I have very great doubts and find it often necessary to
    check the translation. For example, when I meet words like "heart",
    "soul", "spirit" and don't quite get the meaning. Don't forget that these
    words in the original are translated into English according to what
    translators thought it might mean. "nephesh" in Gen.1 "living being", in
    Gen.2 "soul" according to some translations. "Ruach" may mean "spirit",
    "wind", "direction", etc.
    Since that is so, my own interpretation may be different than the
    interpretation of the translators. Another reason to be wide in accepting
    brothers and sisters in the Lord. Very basically, though, all Christians
    must accept Jesus as their personal Saviour, if they want to be called
    If I knew, what your objection to "infallibilty" is, I might be able to
    clarify. I do not think that any translation is automatically "infallible"
    talking God's Word.


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