RE: GEN 1-11: Beyond the concordist debate

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 12:49:52 EDT

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    Shuan writes

    >The truths expressed by Genesis 1-11 are :

    > 1.. God created the universe
    > 2.. God made man, endowed him with unique mental and spiritual faculties,
    >and gave him responsibilty for the earth
    > 3.. Man rebelled against God, and wanted to become like God.
    > 4.. Despite this, God stiil wants to save Man from his sin

    Well, Shuan, per my previous post I was prepared to "move on."
    But it appears that your desire to discuss Gen 1-11 has rekindled!
    Congratulations on a quick recovery :)

    Now, please allow me to "blow apart" your argument.

    A) Why bother with genealogies
    B) Taking your argument to its logical conclusion is "calling God a
        liar" - God controls EVERYTHING, Shuan, even the writing of His Holy
    C) You've got zero evidence, Shuan (just your "chosen" scholars) - what
        about Peter Ruest/Armin Held? What about Dick Fischer? Peter and
        Dick are live bodies on this list every day.
    D) Today, right now, we have a lot more information than your scholars
        had when they wrote their books
    E) Shuan, THE SEQUENCE OF EVENTS IN GEN 1 IS ACCURATE. I calculated the
        odds of the Genesis writer "guessing" this as extremely, extremely slim.
        I do agree with Hugh Ross, in principle, here. No, I don't fully back
        Hugh. BUT, he has recognized the divine nature of Gen 1. I heartily
        applaud him for this.
    F) My impression of Jewish "society" is that it is extremely history-
        oriented. The Jewish people had to come from somewhere, Shuan!
        Why not from Adam and Eve? They kept the records also.
    G) Christ treated Gen 1-11 as history.
    H) The apostle Paul treated Gen 1-11 as history.
    I) Josephus treats Genesis as historical. He references a dozen different
        writers (various cultures) who back the long ages of the ancients.
    J) It seems as if you are treating the Bible as "guilty until proven
        innocent." Hardly the childlike faith that Christ advocated.

    I could go on and on and on, Shuan. If you seek the truth about Gen 1,
    the Lord will reveal it to you.


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