RE: Please show respect (was GEN 1-11: Beyond the concordist debate)

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Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 15:50:34 EDT

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    Hey, Mike, thanks. I will certainly try. even on science related issues,
    however, there a lot more issues and more pressing issues than CE.Aspects of
    science impact the ordinary American's life more than GEN 1-11. Take
    environmentalism, for example. Genetics. The energy situation.Technology
    sharing with Third World countries.Population control.Space
    exploration.Global warming.
    It seems Christian scientists should have something to say about those
    issues that is scientific and Christian.Believe it of not, Gen 1-11 is
    relevant to those issues in ways that have nothing to do, IMO, with whether
    we can agree on if there was a literal Adam.Lets see if we can explore some
    of these issues.
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    Shuan wrote: It is worth discussing, just not all the freaking time.
    Christianity is a
    whole more than Gen 1-11. But you would never know it from this listserv.

    I'm sure all here have many other matters related to Christianity that are
    interest to them that they would be glad to discuss. I suspect that the
    reason these other matters are so seldom discussed here is that this list
    serve was created to discuss science related issues and, apart from
    pertaining to origins, there are few science related issues that are of
    concern to Christians.

    I too would like to see more discussions of other matters here. Since this
    group is mainly composed of Christians who are a bit "smarter than the
    average bear," or at least a bit more well read, I think we could have some
    very enlightening discussions on several other interesting topics. There are
    several I'd be glad to discuss. I have not raised any of them because I
    thought they would be "off topic" for this group.

    So, Shuan, If you occasionally have a non-Genesis 1-11 or non-science
    topic you would like to see discussed, toss it out here. I'll have no
    objection and I doubt anyone else here will either.


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