Moving on from Terry's last post

From: Jim Eisele (
Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 10:29:09 EDT

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    Terry writes an excellent piece about openness and fair play. He
    concludes with

    >I don't know where the ASA Lay Education Project will end up...I hope
    >it will encourage us to recognize and respect the motives and
    >Christian commitments of people who differ from us. If agreement on
    >these issues cannot be attained, then we should at least be able to
    >achieve this.

    Ha! It looks like Genesis in Question has moved ahead of the ASA!
    Our goal is to

    A) Eliminate YEC
    B) Promote a historical Genesis

    We may be small and 6 weeks old, but we're focused. We, like the
    ASA, try to be open. We have a tentative membership criteria of
    "willingness to investigate the correlation between the Bible and
    science/history." That being said, we wouldn't exist without the
    ASA. Just a little friendly competition, guys. Somewhere in the NT
    Paul exhorts Christians to outdo one another in love. :)


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