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Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 08:53:37 EDT

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    Mike wrote:

    >The minimal growth of trees around 2350 BC has been associated in the past
    >with the eruption of a volcano in Iceland. Yet, the period in question is
    >also associated with floods, the creation of new lakes, and even
    >the start of Chinese history.

    I don't buy this. The Chinese Calendar starts at 1953 BC.

    "For centuries astronomers have sought the starting point of the
    Chinese calendar, which has cycles seemingly linked to planetary
    motions. Thanks to a brief passage in an ancient text and some
    computer calculations, a pair of researchers have finally found
    the event to which it is pegged. Kevin D. Pang (Jet Propulsion
    Laboratory) and John A. Bangert (U. S. Naval Observatory)
    announced at the June meeting of the American Astronomical
    Society that the Chinese calendar is synchronized to March 5,,
    1953 B. C.
            "The key shred of information that led to Pang and Bangert's
    success was found in a passage in the 1st-century-B. C. text Hong
    Fan Zhuan, written by Liu Xiang. It reads: 'The Ancient Zhuanxu
    calendar began at dawn, in the beginning of spring, when the Sun,
    new Moon and five planets gathered in the constellation Yingshi
    [Pegasus].' Using accurate planetary ephemerides developed at
    JPL, the astronomers searched back to 2000 B. C. - and found only
    one possibility."
            "Sure enough, the dawn skies of late February and early
    March 1953 B. C. featured all five naked eye planets rising with
    pegasus. The faithful match with Liu's statement suggests that
    the description was carefully recorded and passed down by
    eyewitnesses some 2,000 years earlier. As Pang explains, Liu and
    his contemporaries could not possibly have computed positions of
    the Sun, Moon and planets and the precession of the sky back to
    the previous millennium." ~ "Ancient Celestial Sign Started
    Chinese Calendar", Sky and Telescope 86:6, Dec. 1993, p. 13.

    And farming communities were founded about 4000 BC along the Huang He and
    they are the people from whom the Chinese civilization arose.

    The oracle bones of the Shang dynesty date to 1700 BC or later.


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