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Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 22:10:50 EDT

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    Hey Jan,

    Those "foo"s were just dinging George for telling me to say "theology" 3
    times in a previous post. (I should not have done that. Sorry, George.)

    The English language is poor in conveying concepts I think. Too bad we
    cannot communicate in unambiguous Fortran.

    I have certainly did not say that I was supporting the infallibility of
    Bible and literal interpretation as such. I really don't look upon it
    that way at all.

    There are all kinds of "rules" that people make up about what is
    necessary to be a Christian. I have a simple one: It is up to Jesus
    Christ to determine who is "saved" and who is not. We are not to be
    judges of our brothers at all. I have rules for myself, I don't apply
    those same rules to others.

    The street you describe goes two ways. I have seen both. I also have
    seen people loose their faith because of evolution. It is our fault for
    allowing the atheists like Dawkins to take the high ground and convince
    people that: If evolution is true, then there is no God.



    Jan de Koning wrote:
    > At 11:46 PM 04/05/02 -0400, Walter Hicks wrote:
    > >So, with respect to your notion that Genesis 1-11 is a myth (whoops, I
    > >mean "theology"), I say "foo". Let me repeat that: "foo". Trying saying
    > >it: "foo" (instead of "theology"). I just know that you can, George.
    > >
    > >Genesis was history to folks before the 21st century and modern science
    > >has not changed the truths of the Bible. IMHO
    > >
    > >Walt
    > I probably have said this before. I accept all people who believe the
    > infallibility of the Bible as Christian brothers and sisters, who depend
    > for their salvation on Christ's death. That does not mean that I accept
    > their reasoning, and I hope I never said in words what I exactly think
    > about their scientific thinking. Fact is that some people keep part of
    > their life out of the sphere of serving God. The danger becomes a great
    > danger, if one wants to force Christian physicists and biologists in
    > thinking something that according to them clearly would force them out of
    > the Christian community. Believe me, I have seen that happen.
    > For that reason, I plead with all of you to stop implying unfaithfulness of
    > those who disagree with you. Modern science has not changed any of the
    > "truths" of the Bible (I have before written about the change in
    > implications of the word "truth."). I personally, note that I say
    > personally, believe that YE believers have done great harm to the way the
    > Bible is being read. It, to me, does not appear to be in the line of the
    > Reformation, as I was taught.
    > Jan

    Walt Hicks <>

    In any consistent theory, there must exist true but not provable statements. (Godel's Theorem)

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