Re: Black Sea Flood

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 16:28:20 EDT

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    At 11:46 PM 04/05/02 -0400, Walter Hicks wrote:

    >So, with respect to your notion that Genesis 1-11 is a myth (whoops, I
    >mean "theology"), I say "foo". Let me repeat that: "foo". Trying saying
    >it: "foo" (instead of "theology"). I just know that you can, George.
    >Genesis was history to folks before the 21st century and modern science
    >has not changed the truths of the Bible. IMHO

    I probably have said this before. I accept all people who believe the
    infallibility of the Bible as Christian brothers and sisters, who depend
    for their salvation on Christ's death. That does not mean that I accept
    their reasoning, and I hope I never said in words what I exactly think
    about their scientific thinking. Fact is that some people keep part of
    their life out of the sphere of serving God. The danger becomes a great
    danger, if one wants to force Christian physicists and biologists in
    thinking something that according to them clearly would force them out of
    the Christian community. Believe me, I have seen that happen.

    For that reason, I plead with all of you to stop implying unfaithfulness of
    those who disagree with you. Modern science has not changed any of the
    "truths" of the Bible (I have before written about the change in
    implications of the word "truth."). I personally, note that I say
    personally, believe that YE believers have done great harm to the way the
    Bible is being read. It, to me, does not appear to be in the line of the
    Reformation, as I was taught.


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