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Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 06:56:30 EDT

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    Vernon Jenkins wrote:

    > Like your YEC friends, I am unashamedly a 'Category A' man who
    > regards the 'scoring of points' in this life as having little eternal
    > merit. More reasonable, and far safer in my view, to accept God's
    > Word as it has come down to us; certainly more assuring, and far less
    > complicated

    What you clearly say here is that you will only believe
    what you want to believe, and it doesn't matter how much
    "evidence" is offered to you. Why do you ask for this
    evidence? Just say "the Bible says it, I believe it
    and that's that" and be done with it? At least _then_
    you are being honest with yourself and others.

    it is only by Grace, and Grace alone that anyone proceeds,

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