Herodotus, rodents and seismic cables

From: Glenn Morton (glenn.morton@btinternet.com)
Date: Sun May 05 2002 - 01:47:36 EDT

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    Blake wrote:

    <One last example from history, do
    >you really believe that the mice gnawed through the
    >Assyrian bowstrings when they marched against Egypt?
    >Herodotus records that Sennacherib marched against
    >Egypt. During a certain night, field mice supposedly
    >invaded the Assyrian camp and gnawed the quivers, bow
    >strings and leather shield handles, thus disarming the
    >military force. As a consequence, many of the soldiers
    >were killed and others fled (ii.141). If this is
    >false -- that the Assyrian military defeat was due to
    >field mice, does that mean the battle did not happen
    >or that the Assyrians did not lose? Of course it

    One thing I forgot to mention in reply to Blake earlier was that in southern
    Lousiana, seismic companies who leave electrical cable out at night find the
    next morning that the nutria--big big rats--have sharpened their teeth on
    the cables and have stripped the insulation off of them making the equipment
    useless. I can easily imagine rats/mice doing to the Assyrians what nutria
    do to us in the seismic business.

    The first time you hear a nutria, it almost sounds a bit like a smoothed
    voice sheep but a bit higher pitch.


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