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Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 16:15:37 EDT

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    JW Burgeson wrote in part:

    > The ASA tends to attract persons of a conservative background, and I'm a
    > pointy headed liberal Presbyterian, so, as far as this list is concerned,
    > you may be correct. The views I hold on this are probably similar to most
    > scholars and ministers in the mainline Christian churches. But, of course,
    > the argument from authority is not a very interesting one. Here at Iliff,
    > BTW, I am considered as somewhat of a conservative. But diversity is an aim
    > of this institution, so they put up with me.

    Ummm, politically I am neither liberal nor conservative. I am basically
    a libertarian. I don't want _anybody_ to tell me what I should do or


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