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    Wally: "Then why did the writers have this long list of "begats" and why did
    Luke cite them and why did Paul look upon Adam as a real person? "

    >From my POV, the long list of begats was simply part of the folk story.
    Meaningful to the ancient Hebrews to see from whence they came. Lke cited
    them either (1) for the same reason or (2) because he saw them as history.
    Paul (1) did not necessarily look on Adam as a real single person or (2) did
    so because that was the accepted history at the time.

    "We do agree that Genesis has a great message to tell. We just see a
    different message."

    You seem to see the message of Gen 1-11 as being a lesson in history. I see
    it as a statement that (1) there is one God, (2) That God is Who created
    everything,(3) human beings are flawed -- fatally flawed. And there are
    other messages, but those three seem (to me) to be primary. And even if Gen
    1-11 were historically and scientifically accutate, those messages appear to
    be of substantially more importance than any apparent historical or
    scientific information.

    As I understand my ICR friend Duane Gish, and I've discussed this with him
    in face to face (friendly) meetings, he sees a literal Gen 1-11 as a belief
    foundational to Xtianity. Take that from him, and his relationship with God
    suffers -- perhaps even collapses. But, I argued with him, and now do with
    you, Xtianity is not a propositional (believe this or be dammed) religion
    but a confessional one. We are called (Acts 1) to be a witness, not a
    lawyer, much less a prosecutor.



    Hoss (aka Burgy)

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