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Date: Sat May 04 2002 - 12:50:30 EDT

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    Me:" Any measure of me before the explanation (how and why addition works)
    is given must show an informational content less than afterwards."

    Blake: "True, but you have also lost a lot of informational
    content, too."

    I do not see that. Ypu'll have to explain. AT 3:03:23 I did not understand
    why math worked; at 3:03:24 I did. What did I lose in that second of

    Me: "So did the universe. Clearly the teacher lost none by her action. So in
    this one instance, at least, we see the entropy (or other informational
    measure) of the universe "going the wrong way.""

    Blake: "In fact, the only loss was the choice of what information content to

    I'm sorry. I don't grek that.

    Blake: "The other question too though is, assuming that
    someone in the universe already knew 4+3=7, did the
    universe gain anything? If numbers are platonic
    ideals, or in the mind of God, does a creature being
    aware of them add at all to their reality?""

    This question reverts to what measure of information one is using. When I
    wrote the original post, I specified that that measure was whatever one
    wanted. So I'll use the measure of information as "the sum total of all
    entity knowledge on the planet" and, since this is Gedanken, specify that
    nobody passed away in that second of insight.


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