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Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 15:08:12 EDT

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    Let me start by saying that none of this is really fundamental to our
    Faith in Jesus Christ -- lest misinterpretations be made.

    Dr. Blake Nelson wrote:
    > We cant apply a single standard. Looking at the Old
    > Testament, there are clearly different kinds of books
    > -- poetry, histories, wisdom books, allegory, songs,
    > etc. They cannot all be treated the same. Moreover,
    > we have less certainty about their accurate
    > transmittal over time.
    > Moreover, they have different intents. I do not see
    > that Genesis can be read as an historical report in
    > the same way that the Gospels are intended to relate
    > the life of Jesus to those who did not experience it.
    > You cannot treat the books of the Bible as uniformly
    > the same.

    The problem with this is that you (like George often does) start by
    saying that the Bible is full of things like poetry, songs, etc. and
    then YOU apply it to Genesis which pretends to be nothing more than a
    _history_ of mankind up to certain point in time. Then YOU follow this
    up by saying that one cannot treat the books of the Bible uniformly the
    same -- which exactly what YOU just did above.

    Those who wrote Genesis clearly wrote as though it was history. If there
    are any written statements in Genesis to say that it is anything other
    than history, could use please spell out exactly where they appear?



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    In any consistent theory, there must
    exist true but not provable statements.
    (Godel's Theorem)

    You can only find the truth with logic
    If you have already found the truth
    without it. (G.K. Chesterton)

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