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From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 08:21:27 EDT

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    At 10:19 PM 02/05/02 -0400, Walter Hicks wrote:
    >Jan de Koning wrote:
    > > My uncle showed in his study about the El Amarna
    > > tablets and the OT (in Dutch, published in 1942), that numbers in the early
    > > books of the Bible do not make sense in a modern sense. To illustrate that
    > > he took the size of Jericho when Israel invaded Canaan. That size is
    > > available through the excavations. He compared it with the number of men
    > > that had to walk each day around the city, and the seventh day seven
    > > times. That is clearly impossible, if we take the modern sense of the
    > > numbers used. Even when we replace "thousand" by "clan" it appears to be
    > > impossible.
    >What little I have read indicates that Jericho was a fairly small place.
    >How would that make marching around it impossible? Was it really large
    >and I have been misinformed?
    No, the fact that it was small would make marching of 600.000 times 7 is
    four million two hundred thousand nen in a day around it impossible.


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