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Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 07:52:21 EDT

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    I think that George may be underestimating the name of Jesus. Names still
    mean a lot to people ( the name of a loved one eg. can cause remarkable
    sensations, motivations, overcomings, changes for the better, etc.) and
    they certainly had tremendous meaning for ancient peoples. Reflection on
    John 14:12-14 and contexts suggests that Jesus' name is a source of power
    for the Christian community. In this particularly intimate discussion with
    his disciples we see Jesus as the One who brings to pass in the lives of
    his people the love that activates, perhaps even in its very reflecting,
    that love demonstrated in the mutuality, interdependence, deference,
    hospitality and generosity of the triune God. Hallowed be that Name! It
    struck me that George may have treated a bit too cavalierly the propriety
    and use of Jesus' name in Christian prayer and life. I agree that there is
    also the abhorrent magical and manipulative use of Jesus' name by those
    who take it in vain.

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