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Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 06:50:41 EDT

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    Burgy, Burgy! You snipe at my conclusion by stating only one line (I
    like to think of that as a "Jimbo".), ignore the reasons for that
    conclusion, and then say that I should give serious consideration to
    your viewpoint. I note that you offer no comments about what is wrong
    with what I have said. Moreover, I could take your words and reverse the
    roles and say exactly the same thing about your belief system.

    Ahh the flaws of human reasoning!

    I once heard Henry Kissinger speak about a then existing problem. His
    analysis was so simple and so clearly correct, once stated, that you had
    to marvel at 2 things: His intelligence (on that subject) and our
    stupidity. It made me once more realize how poorly we humans reason.
    Take all of us on this list. Everyone disagrees with everyone else on
    how to evaluate the facts before us and yet we all think that we are
    right ----- despite the fact that our views are mostly incompatible with
    each other. A consensus will never be reached -- Of that we can be
    certain. I guess we are all in it for the "fight". :-)

    Thank heaven we have a forgiving God!



    JW Burgeson wrote:
    > Walt said: "I cannot accept the myth, allegory,
    > theology story. Sorry guys."
    > No need to be sorry, and no need to accept something you don't believe in.
    > This stuff is not either a salvation issue or a "what rewards we will get in
    > heaven" issue.
    > I suggest, however, that if you reject the "genesis 1-11 is myth" arguments,
    > it is incumbent on you to study them until you can uderstand the arguments
    > as well as -- or better than -- those who espouse it. If it were a far out
    > minority opinion, such a study could fairly be ignored. It is not, and it
    > cannot.
    > Burgy
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