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From: Bill Payne (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 23:43:29 EDT

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    On Thu, 2 May 2002 06:38:42 -0700 "Glenn Morton"
    <> writes:

    > Bill, I really don't see how a sharp contact for the base of coals
    > means a young earth. To me it is a non-sequitor. We both know there is
    > allochthonous coal and that can have a sharp contact. And we both
    > know from Okefenokee that allochthonous coal doesn't require a global
    > The vegetable matter moved a couple of miles down the river and then
    > was deposited. Sorry Bill, but this dog don't hunt.

    We also both know that there is nothing planar about the Okefenokee, yet
    eastern US coals primarily have planar, sharp contacts with the substrate
    and with partings in the coal. And these planar coals may cover
    thousands of square miles.

    Now, Glenn, will you admit that the evidence regarding these coal seams
    in the eastern US points toward an allochthonous origin, even though they
    cover most of the eastern half of the continent?

    As you should know, your answer will carry a lot of baggage if you are
    willing to follow the evidence where it leads. To date, you have avoided
    the implications through the use of some microscopic analogy like the
    Okefenokee. Come on, join the hunt. Fraid of gettin snake-bit?


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