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From: Walter Hicks (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 22:19:09 EDT

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    The trouble is, Burgy, that I have not seen anything to study. All I see
    are statements that it is clearly a myth from you and a disclaimer from
    George, who says it is theology. It seems to me that you have the
    minority opinion in general and it not even obvious that more than 50%
    of the ASA members agree with your position.

    Anyhow, if is not history, then in my mind it is simply an _error_ --
    not a myth or theology. It is pretty clear that if you read Genesis
    backwards you are looking at what someone _thought_ was the history of
    mankind. If he was wrong, then the Bible in that area is simply wrong.
    If it has myths taken from others, then it is not much better than the
    myths from which is was taken. Trying to patch it up with "theology" is
    somewhat fakery in my mind. If the author was just telling stories, they
    would not be laced all the begats and who lived how long IMO.

    I don't have the hangup that many have and have to insist that the first
    part of Bible has any divine inspiration at all. It would simply be an
    error if it is a bunch of co-opted myths with the number of "gods"
    reduced to one.

    My inclination is to accept Genesis for what most people think that it
    is -- history. If I become convinced that it is mythology (and it sure
    doesn't look like it me), then I'll just stop paying any attention to

    You know, as matter of fact, I never really did pay much attention to it
    before joining this list. It is only on the ASA posts that it constantly
    comes up in my experience. (of course I don't live in YEC City either.)


    JW Burgeson wrote:
    > Walt said: "I cannot accept the myth, allegory,
    > theology story. Sorry guys."
    > No need to be sorry, and no need to accept something you don't believe in.
    > This stuff is not either a salvation issue or a "what rewards we will get in
    > heaven" issue.
    > I suggest, however, that if you reject the "genesis 1-11 is myth" arguments,
    > it is incumbent on you to study them until you can uderstand the arguments
    > as well as -- or better than -- those who espouse it. If it were a far out
    > minority opinion, such a study could fairly be ignored. It is not, and it
    > cannot.
    > Burgy
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