Ugaboobah & YHWH

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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 17:01:34 EDT

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    JW Burgeson wrote:

    > And for Glenn -- You keep coming back to Ugaboobah. Do you really think that
    > saying the right sylables gets you into heaven? Maybe, for some primitive
    > tribes in another time and place, "Ugaboobah" was the best word they could
    > come up with for what they worshipped. Does that disqualify them? What if
    > they had come up with the sylables "Je-sus?" Would that have made a
    > difference?

             I have to agree with what I take to be Glenn's point here. Certainly
    neither Yahweh nor Jesus is a magic word. Contrary to what some Christians
    think, "In Jesus name" is not God's area code without which prayer will not be
    heard. The more fundamental question, however, is whether we're talking about
    the God who has revealed himself in the history of Israel which culminates in
    Jesus, or about some generic "God".
             Genesis expresses the belief that the world is the creation of the God
    who got the Israelites out of Egypt, & the NT says that this is also
    the God who
    raised Jesus from the dead. This is why one can use what the cross &
    resurrection say about the character of God to infer something about creation.
    If the universe was created by a deity with the character of Surtur the fire
    demon (by whatever the name) then the biblical doctrine of creation is false.



    George L. Murphy
    "The Science-Theology Interface"

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