Re: Questioning the Big Bang

From: Jan de Koning (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 16:59:17 EDT

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    At 03:52 PM 02/05/02 -0400, Howard J. Van Till wrote:
    > >From: Jan de Koning <>
    > >>Yes, these "equations" do symbolize the concept of the God-World
    > >>relationship consistent with creatio ex nihilo. I have no desire to
    > draw you
    > >>away from them, but for myself I must explore other theological approaches.
    > >>
    > >>Howard
    > >
    > > meaning? "creatio" from something else?
    >If it is of God's essence to be in a loving relationship to a world, then
    >this particular universe might be but one particular manifestation (or
    >cycle) of that which at all times "lives and moves, and has its being in
    > > Is God created not sufficient?
    >I don't understand what is being asked here.
    >Howard Van Till

    If you leave out "at all times" I agree.
    You wanted to explore "other theological approaches." My question is then,
    reformulated: What kind of approaches? "Times" in connection with
    "creation" may be getting you in difficulties, since the "times" are in
    God's hands, and "time"is created, is part of the creation we live in. It
    contrasts with "eternity" (is not extended time, but something we do not know.)

    Jan de Koning

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