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Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 00:41:31 EDT

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    I I did see something about Flores on the Discovery
    >Channel(my window on
    >paleo stuff). In light of ALL the evidence, is that good science?
    >And I will
    >let you have the last on Genesis.

    Flores is pretty darn good science. And there is also Lombok, another island
    in that chain on which H. erectus tools have been found. The area is rising
    in elevation due to an underthrusted plate. So in the past the straits
    which were crossed were wider than the 19 km of today.

    So we have evidence that mankind was able to build boats 780,000 years ago.
    The apologists don't tell you about this evidence because they want mankind
    to only exist from no older than 100,000 years or so.


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