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From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Fri May 03 2002 - 00:35:30 EDT

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    Burgy wrote:

    >And for Glenn -- You keep coming back to Ugaboobah. Do you really
    >think that
    >saying the right sylables gets you into heaven? Maybe, for some primitive
    >tribes in another time and place, "Ugaboobah" was the best word they could
    >come up with for what they worshipped. Does that disqualify them? What if
    >they had come up with the sylables "Je-sus?" Would that have made a

    I like Ugaboogah. He is an honest god and only wants you to send all your
    money to his servant/creator, me. Unfortunately, I can't get anyone else to
    follow Ugaboogah.

    That being said, what you, and others, seem to miss about Ugaboogah (also
    spelled oogabooga, oogaboogah etc) is that I am not speaking of the plan of
    salvation here. I am using Ugaboogah to illustrate that if the
    theology/requirements of Ugaboogah are mutually incompatible with the
    theology/requirements of Jehovah, then they can no more be the same god any
    more than Zeus and Jehovah are the same. And if Jehovah didn't create the
    world, then who did? Did anyone? My point is that if the God we worship
    didn't create the heavens and the earth, then he isn't a God worth
    worshiping. We need to worship the actual creator. Apollo and Diana didn't
    create. Ar those lascivious gods merely Jehovah miscomprehended? Molech
    demanded child sacrifice, Jehovah doesn't. They can't be the same.


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