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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 13:15:24 EDT

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    Hello Don,
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    > Adrian wrote: Aren't you being inconsistent, when here, you insist on
    > reading every word
    > literally, and yet reject the literal interpretation of days in Gen 1?
    > Also note that not all fruits have seed in them.
    > Don P: You're right. But consider this. How do plants that
    > have no seed
    > pollinate? Do you not consider this a seed? Is your seed to
    > your wife not a
    > seed? I guess God meant something else when it comes to your children.
    > Perhaps the woman has to sit on a fruit, with seeds, for a
    > while. Literal,
    > is ok, but understand that in language there are differences.
    > Fag in America
    > is a homosexual, but in England it is a cigarette. Seed may
    > not be what we
    > consider it today because of connotations. This is the error
    > of many. When
    > one says that the Bible should be taken literal, this also
    > means in context
    > and considering language and culture. But, do not dismiss
    > everything as
    > culture and language either. Too many, not necessarily you,
    > go one way or
    > the other, while God wants us to go down the middle. Funny,
    > it's almost like
    > politics. Some are right and some are left, but the wise one
    > can see through
    > the mess and ends up even.

    Thanks for pointing that out to me. The interpretation of seed was a side
    note. I wanted to point out what appears to be an inconsistency on Mike's

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