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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 10:45:18 EDT

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    Very seriously, is there another approach which does justice to God as
    Creator? Having looked ,studied, felt and considered other positions I have
    found that creation ex nihilo as summed up in thes equestions to be the only
    reasonable alternative . All others end up with a God who is not God and a
    creator who is not creator. That is not an inherent conservatism as for half
    the last 30 years I was not in the evangelical fold!

    An panentheist god is no god and I can hear lots of good Sci and Religion
    types wanting to jump down my throat or at least first preen their feathers


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    > > I prefer William Temple's equations
    > >
    > > God-World= God
    > >
    > > World - God = zero
    > >
    > > In these quasi-math equations he sums up the doctirne of creation with
    > > theism and creation and no panentheism.
    > Michael,
    > Yes, these "equations" do symbolize the concept of the God-World
    > relationship consistent with creatio ex nihilo. I have no desire to draw
    > away from them, but for myself I must explore other theological
    > Howard

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