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From: Don Perrett (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 12:07:25 EDT

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               "I am the way [N.B.], the truth and the life. No one comes to the
    Father but by me."

       All were good points, but I would state that going unto the Father through
    Christ is a question of salvation and refers to his acts and understanding
    of the OT. Did Christ have his own bible then? You still didn't answer
    whether the Jews are capable of understanding creation without the NT.
    Christ used the OT but I guess it's only good for him. People make Christ
    out to be a God. He is the son and his worldly acts are to be followed.
    People, just as I, do not fully understand the OT and Christ came to show us
    the Way. If we follow the some actions and learn from his understandings of
    the OT then we will have better lives, both physically and spiritualy. Does
    this mean that the OT had nothing to offer? Jesus didn't think so. If you
    can quote one passage in the OT that says that Christ, not an apostle, did
    not follow the OT then I'll believe you. Perhaps in the beginning man
    followed the way of God, as Abraham did. Over time, and on a couple of
    occasions, the Jews strayed from the OT. Christ came to reenlighten us and
    to show God's grace, which was forgotten about. But unless one can say for
    certain that the Jews and even Muslims are doomed because they only believe
    in salvation at a latter date to come, then the OT is all that's required.
    The NT is not Christ's writing to begin with. The authors were only
    witnesses to his acts. Even they understood that it was Christ's acts that
    made him what he is today. Do as Christ did. Believe as Christ did. If you
    do, then you'll be following the OT, as Christ did.

       Don P

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