Re: Black Sea Flood

From: JW Burgeson (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 11:53:15 EDT

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    >>Now one can read your concluding paragraph as meaning that we are saved
    >>entirely by grace & that the status of the redeemed in heaven is then
    >>determined in part by our works in accord, e.g., with I Cor.3. OK. But
    >>it can also be read as meaning that God gives us a start toward salvation
    >>but that then we have to accomplish a certain amount by works, love &c in
    >>order actually to be saved. Not OK. >>

    Aha! I did not MEAN the second, of course, but I can see how what I wrote
    might fairly be interpreted that way.

    You have mde your point.

    Now about Britty Spears and Presbyterianism. I'll pass on that.


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