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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 11:38:20 EDT

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    Glenn wrote: "then at the very least, Jesus had either poor knowledge of
    what happened, didn't tell the truth or he isn't who he claims to be. If
    Jesus had poor knowledge because of his humanity, then one can justly ask if
    he knew correctly that he was God."

    I suggest that Jesus, before the resurrection, was no more informed about
    natural science, the historicity of Genesis, or nuclear physics than was any
    other educated Hebrew of his day. IOW, what knowledge he had was learned in
    a manner consistent with other persons in the first three decades of our
    milleninum. I see in the gospels a man struggling with the call of God and a
    growing awareness of his mission. My view is that we all get some "call from
    God" during our lives -- and a growing awareness as we age as to what we
    should be about. Not all of us, of course, listen.

    So -- Glenn -- I will assert that Jesus simply had "poor knowledge," where
    the word "poor" is in contrast to what we of the 21st century know (or think
    we know). But that knowledge was not, of course, "poor" in light of the
    times in which he lived.

    One gospel example that reinforces this view is the story of the woman who
    asks for scraps from the table where Jesus was eating. He refuses at first,
    for she is not a Jew. Her subsequent argument, however, convinces him to
    change his mind. I see in this a step along his way to awareness of who he
    is and what his mission ought to be.

    Any other interpretation seems to portray Jesus as rude.


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