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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 11:24:11 EDT

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    Wally wrote (to George) "Just why is it any better to accept your
    interpretation that it is some sort of fable, allegory, or what ever name
    you want to give it."

    Reason 1. It makes the most logical sense
    Reason 2. It is not in conflict with the Christian faith.

    "You both agree that it is our Faith in Jesus Christ that mostly matters."

    Wrong. The word "mostly" in what you write is incorrect. It needs to be
    stricken forthwith. There is no middle position. Either trust in Christ is
    100% or it is nothing.

    "I personally prefer one that comes closer to real history than one which
    uses mythology."

    If push comes to shove, I do too. But I also prefer lots of things that did
    not and will not happen. I prefer a world in which the Cleveland Indians
    beat the NY Giants in four games in the 1954 World Series, with Bob Feller
    throwing a no-hitter in game #4. But unless David Deutsch comes out with a
    book telling me how to get to that alternate universe, I am stuck here.
    IOW, my preferences, or yours, or George's, or Glenn's, are just not of
    importance in the debate.



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