RE: Adam as head + two creation accounts

From: Don Perrett (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 03:37:14 EDT

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    Adrian wrote: Aren't you being inconsistent, when here, you insist on
    reading every word
    literally, and yet reject the literal interpretation of days in Gen 1?

    Also note that not all fruits have seed in them.

    Don P: You're right. But consider this. How do plants that have no seed
    pollinate? Do you not consider this a seed? Is your seed to your wife not a
    seed? I guess God meant something else when it comes to your children.
    Perhaps the woman has to sit on a fruit, with seeds, for a while. Literal,
    is ok, but understand that in language there are differences. Fag in America
    is a homosexual, but in England it is a cigarette. Seed may not be what we
    consider it today because of connotations. This is the error of many. When
    one says that the Bible should be taken literal, this also means in context
    and considering language and culture. But, do not dismiss everything as
    culture and language either. Too many, not necessarily you, go one way or
    the other, while God wants us to go down the middle. Funny, it's almost like
    politics. Some are right and some are left, but the wise one can see through
    the mess and ends up even.
    Don P

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