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Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 03:27:09 EDT

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    George wrote: There are two problems with this whole concordist approach.
    First, it
    assumes that texts can be true & authoritative only if they are accurate
    historical &/or scientific accounts. Secondly, they start in the wrong
    place -
    the OT, & Genesis in particular, rather than the NT & Christ. The OT is
    important - nay, indispensable. But it's to be read in the light of
    the NT, not
    vice versa. If you start either systematic theology or apologetics
    with Genesis
    then your theological framework has already been solidified before you get
    any explicit mention of Christ.
              I have said a great deal about all of this in the past & will
    not rehash
    it all now. But I wish that those who think that the crucial questions
    _how_ to concordize would step back a bit and think about the possibility
    one need not concordize in order to maintain the truth & authority of

    Don P: Your first point, perhaps. Your second point, what? Are you saying
    that Jews are just not able to understand God's creation because they don't
    believe in the NT? The only books necessary, not useful mind you, for
    understanding Genesis is the first five. If we become so arrogant to think
    that only the people since then have come up with ideas and views worthy of
    truth, we're all doomed. Moses and his clan had no problems understanding.
    In fact I'm quite sure they understood better than we do. Over time it was
    lost, as many things are. We can try to find it but it will elude us. This
    is the purpose of studying God's word. It is not the truth but the seeking
    of truth. If one is involved in searching God then you have no time to find
    sin. I hope we all learn this. Christ brings salvation, but God gives us the
    salvation. Christ wasn't creating his own religion or calling himself God.
    He was trying to point the way. The way is not Jesus, but the salvation and
    redemption itself. God is forgiving is the point. Worshipping Jesus is no
    different than worshipping any other God, before the one true God. So to
    understand God, any idea or theory concerning God is essential to learn. But
    to understand God's will, one must look at the first five books. Christ
    showed us what we could be, not what he was, if we were worthy. Though we're
    not. He was not arrogant, but humble. He wanted us to understand how
    merciful God was and that man should be the same. Without redemption we are
    all doomed. If I do not forgive you and punish and the same is done to me
    and so on, then all will die and life would end. Love and forgive, this is
    the NT. Creation and God's will is OT. If you decide to study love and
    forgiveness check out the NT. IF you want to understand creation check out
    the OT. It's not that hard.
    Don P

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