RE: Oppressive YEC

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Thu May 02 2002 - 09:38:42 EDT

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    Bill wrote:

    >I can't see any way to reconcile the differences. If you can please let
    >me know. But if you can't you should admit that there is at least one
    >data set that doesn't fit your model, instead of saying: "Everything
    >verifies everything else. The only reason one would deny these
    >verifications by various methods is for theological reasons."

    Bill, I really don't see how a sharp contact for the base of coals means a
    young earth. To me it is a non-sequitor. We both know there is
    allochthonous coal and that can have a sharp contact. And we both know from
    Okefenokee that allochthonous coal doesn't require a global flood. The
    vegetable matter moved a couple of miles down the river and then was
    deposited. Sorry Bill, but this dog don't hunt.


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