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Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 23:31:55 EDT

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    I seem to have deleted the original post, but I believe it was Burgy who
    asked about Ted Davis' article about methodological naturalism. Since Ted
    seems to be busy, let me supply the reference:

    Davis, E.B. and Collins, R., 2000, Scientific naturalism, in Ferngren, G.B.
    et al., eds., The History of Science and Religion in the Western Tradition:
    An Encyclopedia: Garland Publishing, Inc. (New York), p. 201-207.

    It's a useful reference volume and among other things includes an article by
    D.N. Livingstone on "The origin and unity of the human race", which
    summarizes some of DNL's more detailed works presented in a number of
    historical, geographical, and theological journals; it's also relevant to
    some of the recent posts on this list (although of little interest to any but
    ultra-concordists these days). The volume curiously includes
    more-than-expected contributions by ID proponents, including the ever
    repetitive Bill Dembski.

    Karl V. Evans

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