Re: Adam as head + two creation accounts

Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 18:05:22 EDT

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    You wrote: "all" and "every" are used repeatedly throughout the OT where you
    know it is in a restricted context. ... Further, you and I both agree that
    the flood was local. You don't interpret Gen. 7:14 to mean that "every
    beast," and "all cattle," and "every creeping thing " were loaded on the
    boat, or that "all flesh" died in the flood. Be consistent.

    I am, of course, aware of the sometimes limited way in which the Hebrew
    language uses the words "all" and "every." But I do not find that sometimes
    limited usage to be relevant in this case. This case is different from the
    cases you referred to. For in the cases you mentioned we know for a certainty
    that "all" could not possibly have meant "all." But in this case we do not
    know that.

    God did not limit the trees from which the people referred to in Gen.1:29
    could eat from. And we have no reason to believe that He did so, unless we
    assume that Genesis 2 is retelling another version of the same creation
    account. But that is only an assumption, and very possibly an incorrect one.
    (You know what they say about those who "assume" things.) If we do not make
    that assumption, an apparent contradiction between the two creation accounts
    exists which forces us to consider the possibility that they are describing
    separate events.


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