Re: Questioning the Big Bang

From: Michael Roberts (
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 17:12:19 EDT

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    But surely God can be ultimate without the world and that is the problem of
    panentheism which I found most unconvincing and thus reject the whole basis
    of Peacocke's position.
    I prefer William Temple's equations

    God-World= God

    World - God = zero

    In these quasi-math equations he sums up the doctirne of creation with
    theism and creation and no panentheism.


    > Yes, I have no objection to using some other word to avoid violating the
    > first commandment. However, in panentheism the problem goes away since the
    > World is within God, and always has been. To distinguish between God
    > includes the world) and God-and-a-World then looks like a distinction
    > without a difference. In any case, the World cannot be ultimate apart from
    > God.
    > Howard Van Till

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