Re: Emergence of information out of nothing?

Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 17:47:54 EDT

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    Peter writes:
    >A recent paper by C.J. Hogan confirms what could be expected, that
    >right after the big bang, the universe was extremely poor in
    >information. This is of interest in connection with Howard Van
    >Till's claim that God gifted "biological systems", among other
    >things, "from the beginning, when the creation was brought into
    >being from nothing", with all of the capacities needed (H.J. Van
    >Till, "Special Creationism in Designer Clothing: A Response to
    >'The Creation Hypothesis'", PSCF 47 (1995), 123). [...]

    This is comparing apples with oranges, I think.

    Tim Ikeda (

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