RE: 2900 BC vs. 2350 BC

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Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 22:46:55 EDT

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    Mike wrote:

    >The alleged meteor crater in Iraq has not been studied, let alone dated. So
    >it has nothing to do with the 2350 BC date. That date has recently
    >been shown by dendrochronologists to be one in which the climate of the
    > Near East was, for some unexplained reason, greatly altered for a short
    >period of time. Of course, the reason these tree ring studies have made
    >is because the date they point to happens to exactly match the date Bible
    >chronologists have long assigned to Noah's flood.

    Why must there be a 'cause' of a climate change? Weather is a nonlinear
    system which sometimes simple falls into attractor states which do bad or
    good things to areas normally used to having the opposite? There simply
    doesn't have to be a 'cause' be it meteor, or anything else.

    Somewhere, and I can't find it right now, I have an article which says that
    every so often the center of North America becomes a tremendous desert, with
    dunes moving across the landscape. At my sister-in-laws farm, I saw those

      My neice and nephew grew up on a farm in
    SW Nebraska in an area known as the sand hills. Geologically
    about a thousand years ago Western Nebraska was a desert with
    dunes. Even in the 30s my former sister in law tells me that the
    dunes started moving again and covered some farm houses. Today
    the huge sand dunes are covered with grass which stabilizes them. There
    doesn't have to be a catastrophic cause of this drought.


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