RE: Black Sea Flood

From: Glenn Morton (
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 21:39:06 EDT

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    Hi Walter, you wrote:

    >If I had made a statement with which I had asked you to agree, I might.
    >However, I only asked a question. Namely: Do you write anything that is
    >positive about old testament scripture? You answered yes and then
    >pointed me to it. I say thanks. More of such would be nice.

    Frankly, thow Walter, the plain fact is that, in science when it comes to
    theories, it is much, much easier to tell what is false than to tell what is
    true. A theory may account for all the known facts but still be false. But
    if a theory fails to account for facts which are fundamental to the
    hypothesis, then the theory is false. And it is much easier to show a
    theory or hypothesis false than to demonstrate its truth. Because of this,
    one must eliminate lots of possibilities in order to do a thorough job.

    >The fact that "nobody agrees with you" is no surprise. Nobody agrees
    >with with anybody on this list for more than a microsecond.

    We are a crankly and surly lot here. :-)


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